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At St.Vincent Women's Hospital we believe that patients are best cared for when they are offered the most innovative medical technology and treatment options in a kind, compassionate, healing environment - one that focuses on nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. That's why we are proud to be a Planetree hospital.

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What is Planetree?

Founded more than 30 years ago, Planetree, a non-profit organization, is an internationally recognized leader in patient-centered care. The Planetree, or sycamore tree, is the tree under which Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine, sat when he began teaching his medical students many centuries ago in ancient Greece. The Planetree model of care is a patient-centered, holistic approach to healthcare, promoting mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical healing. It empowers patients and families through the exchange of information and encourages healing partnerships with caregivers.

Why is being a Planetree hospital better for patients?

At St.Vincent Women's Hospital we believe that you will receive a more positive healthcare outcome by integrating optimal medical therapies into your treatment plan and incorporating art and nature into the healing environment.

Our staff will encourage you to take an active role in your care and healing process by providing you with open access to your medical charts and providing opportunities for you to ask questions about what you read.

Our Planetree services and amenities

We also offer a variety of services and amenities that complement the Planetree model of care including:

  • Comfortable family lounge areas.
  • Patient-directed visitation based on your preferences and medical condition.
  • Complementary Integrative Therapies, such as aromatherapy, massage, relaxation and breathing techniques to assist in your healing and recovery process.
  • A personal Integrative Therapy packet and hand massager to help to you relax and decrease stress once you are home
  • Skylight TV featuring a variety of movies, relaxation channels and educational videos.
  • 24-hour room service with a variety of fresh, nutritional and delicious meal options.

For more information on Planetree, visit or call (203) 732-1365.