Your Stay With Us

At St.Vincent Women's Hospital, we believe that the birth experience has a significant impact on the future growth and development of the family. That's why we are focused on meeting the needs of our patients and their families through family-centered maternity care. We offer nurturing, compassionate care in a warm, calming atmosphere that fosters family unity during this special time.

Family Care Unit

Our Family Care Unit offers nurturing, compassionate care in a warm, calming atmosphere that fosters family unity during this special time.

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Our goal is to provide no separation of mom and baby so you are encouraged to keep baby with you as much as you wish. For newborns requiring additional medical care at St.Vincent Women's Hospital, we offer a Continuing Care Nursery and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Patient-Directed Visitation

Because we know how important family bonding is during this special time, our Family Care Unit supports patient-directed visitation - an environment in which you will choose the visitation preferences that best suit your needs. A sofa that opens into a bed is available in each room for one adult to stay overnight in your room. Limit one adult per patient room per night. Children are not permitted to stay overnight.

We consider your visitors as honored guests - second only to you, our patient. While we offer patient-directed visitation, based on the preference and condition of our patients, we do request that all visitors be respectful of others privacy and concerns for a quite, healing environment. While in the hospital, we ask that you speak quietly and avoid unnecessary noise. Those with a cold, sore throat or other communicable illness should delay visiting until they are well.

Smoking while on hospital property is prohibited.

Support Throughout Your Journey

We offer a variety of print and online educational resources through Monogram Maternity at St.Vincent Women’s Hospital. And we are always available to help answer your questions, offer support or provide peace of mind. We encourage you to take advantage of these resources during your stay and after you leave us.

At St.Vincent Women's Hospital, our nurses and staff are also prepared to help and support you through every step of caring for yourself and your new baby. There are several things that you'll need to know before you leave the hospital and journey home. We have developed a comprehensive guide to help you during those first few days, weeks and months at home with your newborn, and will provide this to you before you leave the hospital.

For more information, please call the Monogram Maternity Nurse Navigator at (317) 338-2229 or send us an email at