Our Nurseries

At St.Vincent Women’s, we are focused on meeting the needs of our patients and their family through family-centered maternity care. Our nursery staff are not only expert caregivers to your new baby, but they also serve as teachers who can answer, or help you find the answer to any of your questions.

Following recovery in Labor and Delivery, you and your baby will transition into one of our private Family Care Unit rooms where you will enjoy couplet care - your nurse will care for both you and your baby - during your stay. Your baby can stay with you, in your room, for the duration of your stay.

Should your baby require specialized care or medical attention we offer a Continuing Care Nursery and Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

continuing care

Continuing Care Nursery

Located within the Family Care Unit, the Continuing Care Nursery at St.Vincent Women’s Hospital provides specialized care for premature babies as well as full term babies who need additional care after birth. A special team of skilled physicians and nurses provide 24-hour care for your baby in a nurturing, compassionate and family-friendly setting.

Our Continuing Care physicians and nurses will care for your baby and support a team approach to patient care. We strongly encourage parents to be involved in making decisions about your baby’s care plan.

We proudly partner with Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent and a variety of pediatric sub-specialists to deliver comprehensive care in the hospital and after you bring your baby home.

Newborn Intensive Care Nursery

Learn more about our Newborn Intensive Care Nursery