10 Tips to Make Your Mornings Healthier

10 Tips to Make Your Mornings Healthier

By: #TakeTime4U

March 16, 2018

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When you rise and shine, remember to #taketime4u and set the tone for a successful day with these wellness-boosting habits.

Whether you welcome and treasure the early moments of the day or have trouble rolling out of bed after hitting the snooze button more than once, resolve to make the most of your mornings by working the tips below into your daily routine.

1. Give yourself some time.
While sleeping in for a few more minutes is tempting, you may actually feel more energized if you get up a little earlier and ease into your day.

2. Practice gratitude.
Being thankful for your blessings helps put a positive spin on every situation you may encounter throughout the day.

3. Stretch it out.
Before you climb out of bed, stretch your arms overhead to get your blood moving. Continue to wake your body up by stretching more as you begin to stand up and reap countless benefits, such as enhanced concentration, improved flexibility and posture, and reduced pain.

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4. Hydrate.

It’s been hours since you’ve had a drop to drink. Replenish your system with a glass of water, hot or cold, maybe squeezing in some fresh lemon for flavor and a boost of vitamin C.

5. Make your bed.
Smooth the sheets, fold up the comforter and throw your fluffed pillows on the bed to begin your morning with a sense of accomplishment and control.

6. Get moving.
Prioritize your exercise routine by making it the first item on your day’s to-do list.

7. Eat breakfast.
Lean protein and fresh produce provide your body with the energy it needs to power through the first half of the day.

8. Make a list.
Setting goals will help you get the most important things done.

9. Talk to someone you love.
Fuel your spirit by connecting with a friend or family member early in the day. A quick “hello” or “I love you” helps put everything else in perspective.

10. Turn up your favorite tunes.
Listening to music helps decrease anxiety and improves mood. And there’s nothing like a good beat to inspire you to plough through that stack of work waiting for you on your desk.

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