Annual Conference on Aging

26th Annual Conference on Aging:
Geriatrics: WHO Cares and Who CARES?

CHA Conference BrochureMarch 13, 2015
Ritz Charles
12156 N. Meridian Street
Carmel, Indiana

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The 2015 Center for Healthy Aging conference brings together multiple speakers with a variety of backgrounds and topics that all encompass some part of the theme: Geriatrics, WHO cares and who CARES? With the increasing number of older adults requiring our care, yet the increasing complexity of the health care system, some days you wonder if anyone out there really cares about our older adults. Then you look around and see the amazing work that individuals are doing who really do care for and about this important group of people. We will be looking at the legislative level to see what is being proposed for older adults, at a more local level in emergency rooms and nursing homes to look at improving care and also at an individual level with use of technology, pharmacogenomics, as well as some specific treatments for dementia and atrial fibrillation.

This conference is meant to enhance the knowledge base and skills of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, dietitians, allied health and rehabilitation therapists, social workers, health facility administrators, and other interested health care professionals.

Conference Objectives

  • Recognize ways in which changes in our health care system may affect how we care for older adults
  • Identify novel approaches to care for dementia patientss
  • Delineate paths of care for specific conditions when treating frail older adultss

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Conference Presentations

For questions or more information about the upcoming conference, please call the Center for Healthy Aging at (317) 338-7780.